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Hire an expert for your trash the dress photo shoot!

It started when destination weddings becoming all the rage, a new kind of wedding photography trend has emerged, and the results are simply stunning! The trash the wedding dress concept is taking the country by storm and is an amazing way to start off your new relationship.

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What is trash the wedding dress photography?

It is often said that a woman never looks as beautiful as she does in her wedding dress, waiting with baited breaths for her man to claim her on the altar. A wedding dress is indeed one of the most beautiful dresses a woman can ever wear. But what do you do with this dress after the wedding? Virtually every woman likes to preserve it as a happy memorabilia which will remind her how her perfect life started.

The image that a woman presents in her wedding dress is that of beauty and fragileness. The delicate detailing of the dress, the elaborate lace work and the dozens of accessories all come together to create an attire that radiates a woman’s natural charm and feminine features.

At the same time, a wedding dress is also something inherently impractical. Once you are done with your wedding, you need to be ready for the hard work that will be necessary to make your marriage work. Trash wedding dress photography is a way for you to capture on the camera you transition from a gorgeous bride into a strong woman who will work side by side with her husband at every step and make sure that the two of you are ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Couples are trashing their wedding dresses in the most elaborate ways, and we are here to help them capture the most memorable moments forever!

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Get a little wild for your trash wedding dress ceremony

From jumping off the top of a cliff, to setting the dress on fire while still wearing it, couples all over the world have shown that they are willing to have fun with the ceremony and get photographic mementos that will always remind them of the time they first took their vows and started their long journey.

Jumping into the sea together sounds like a fun activity? We can help you capture every moment of it! Stand arms in arms, feet soaked in the briny waters of the ocean, your wedding dresses soaked with the sea water, as the two of you kiss. Take part in fun and adventurous activities which the two of you enjoy and will become part of the hundreds and thousands of memories that you will share together.

Glenn Anderson brings over seven years of experience in covering and photographing every special moment that a couple shares. A passion for photography along with a stellar experience of having covered over a hundred events makes Glenn a superb choice for your trash the wedding dress photography ceremony. Hire Glenn Anderson Photography for this beautiful day and get photographs which you will look back on fondly for decades to come!

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Trash the dress in Fiji

Trash the dress in Fiji

Trash the dress in Fiji

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