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Middleton Events & GAP (1 of 1)Middleton Events has the award winning expertise and experience to create life long memories that will be talked about for years to come. Your Wedding day is one of the most special and memorable moments in your life and a reflection of who you both are. With options for your special day only limited to your imagination…..and budget, John Middleton will guide you through the process of creating an amazing wedding day from ceremony to reception including special moments planned to perfection. With an incredible celebration experience of music, lights, magical effects of your choice and world class entertainment and music direction.

With Glenn Alderson Photography’s  “Unlimited Wedding Photography Packages”, We don’t leave until the bride & groom leave the reception. After seeing many wedding receptions from start to finnish I know how important it is to choose the right DJ for your event.

FINDING THE RIGHT DJ/MC: Finding the right fit and personality is critical for your wedding day, along with being able to afford your chosen DJ. Some companies have a variety of different entry level packages as a starting point with many options to choose from. It’s not just about turning up to a wedding, professional DJs/MCs look so forward to your reception, as it’s their showtime for the delivery of our pre planning and production work done over many months in the build up to your wedding. Pre planning, learning your wishes, pre consultations and having a complete understanding of your friends, family, interstate and overseas guests, bridal party and personalising your wedding should be the focus. It takes us 1 day to pre produce 6-8 mins of intros with soundbites and movie grabs and to get the bridal party into the room. Its at this point your family and friends are in fits of laughter and are engaged ready for a fantastic night and they are connected and now know something funny about each member of the bridal party. It’s then onto the love story and proposal for the grand entrance for the bride and groom. The biggest compliment a professional DJ/MC can receive, is when they’re asked “so how are you related”? Its at that point we know we have engaged and connected with your guests. Online planning portals allows us to capture all your information along with the ability for guests to log on and request and dedicate songs. You have the power to accept of reject those request with 30 secs of them being made. Professional DJ/MCs spend at least 1 day doing pre production, scripting and getting your wedding ready. Do you want games? Some of our clients find it tacky and others love them……what are your favourite songs that you and your friends are into? Anyone who turns up to your wedding with no preparation or planning, is simply winging it and you are going to be stuck with listening to their favourite music along with zero content, interaction or entertainment value. professionals know what it takes to make your weddings spectacular and if you haven’t seen that, then its hard to justify why a client pays a premium for the service…..”its about the Quality of the Experience”. You don’t know what you don’t know. You cannot extract this information in 1, 2 or 3 meetings, it’s a process of online planning over months to ensure you have the best night of your lives. All DJ/MCs are not born equal and unfortunately you do pay for what you get. – Middleton Events



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