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I am very excited to announce our international destination photographer Jai, is back. He is currenlty shooting in India. He has an amazing eye for detail and capturing the moment. We are currently offering 10% discount on our packages with Jai.

Jai, age 28, 6 years into the art of photography

My passion is to evoke narrative out of every frame that I freeze. Photography was the call of my life. When I am not shooting couples I travel to capture moments from streets, lifestyle, nature, faces, emotions and all that makes sense to my existence. I have been in the wedding photography industry for around 4 years now. I have covered weddings across the length and width of India, from different faiths, customs, and traditions comprising 50+ unique styles of wedding. Apart from my native experience, I have been a part of several Australian weddings, also comprising of different traditions and faiths. The contrast in covering weddings in Australia and India has been interesting. While Indian weddings are colorfully and beautifully organized mess, the Australian weddings are tastefully planned ceremonies. My experience in India has trained to me to be ready for the unpredictable – lights, colours, movements and moments which played a vital role in influencing my creativity for the Australian weddings that I was a part of. Working with Glenn was an opportunity in my career that I never dreamt of, and personally a turning point in my life. He has been instrumental in exploring my love for the art, and I acknowledge his huge heart to support a fellow photographer. I am looking forward to continue my alliance with Glenn to the foreseeable future.

Some examples of Jai’s work in Australia work with us:

Georgia + Russ @ Sferas

Anna + Lewis @ Sunnybrae Estate

Anna & Lewis SIVA WM-4

Maria + Joe @ Adelaide Oval

Anna & Lewis SIVA WM-82

Elyse + Joel @ Château Tanunda

Anna & Lewis SIVA WM-19

Jessicca + David @ Ingelwood Inn

Jess & Dave 15102016 SIVA-21

Once you have booked with us, you will be in contact with myself & Jai on a regular basis. I will also organise for you to Skpe with Jai, so you can meet with him face to face. You will also be able to meet with him once he is back in Australia. I would love to meet with you soon any weekday or evening, or the odd Sunday if Im not at a wedding. Please if you have any questions all, please dont hesitate to ask.

Cheers, Glenn



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