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Is it too good to be true?? I see a lot of couples looking for photographers for $100 or less per hour. Also “Professional Photographers” promoting weddings for less then $100 per hour……

When you account for editing & post production, equipment, insurance, tax, GST etc. $100 an hour is like $10-15 hour, NO professional photographer would or should be charging this. If you do find a photographer willing to do this, please understand the risk involved. If you are on a budget, maybe for $600 you might want to look at about 2 hours of coverage ( ceremony & location ) from a professional. Then find a student to do all the other non-essential photos. If its a peak wedding date, professional photographers will also have minimum hours of coverage too….

Remember in 50 years time, what will you have to look back on to remember your wedding day


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” I try explaining the same with entertainment Glenn. It’s sadly too easy to be branded a DJ these days simply because you have 5000 copied MP3s on your laptop from your other brother and a cool loud sound system at home. Fair enough (kinda) if you want just a drinking party at home with your mates but when it comes to true entertainment for 100ish wedding guests whom you don’t know with the support of all licence fees / insurance / quality and reliable equipment / backup equipment / consultation meetings / planning and preparation and actively working with the couple towards meeting and hopefully exceeding their wishes / interactive segments and games on the night for your guests to actively get involved – the list goes on…the difference is chalk and cheese. People who doubt why the ‘true professionals’ charge what they do should simply ask past clients or read testimonials.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in 99% of cases.

My favourite analogy is that you can choose either a BMW or a Datsun to drive to Melb in. Both will get you there but the BMW will have all the additional comforts of good air conditioning and heating, smooth ride, comfortable seats, amazing sound system, power windows, great storage space, tinted windows, quiet engine and once again the list goes on.
On some occasions, the Datsun won’t even reach Melbourne. ” Ben Ford –




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