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Are Two Photographer’s Better Than One?

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It is not necessarily better to have two at some weddings, one is more then capable to cover your day. It does however have its advantages.

One major advantage comes with the morning preparation for the groom. What guy likes to wake up early, get dressed into a suit for an event that is hours away? With our team of professional wedding photographers, one photographer can be with the Groom and his Groomsmen, while the other is with the Bride and her Bridesmaids.  Allowing the Groom to have a more relaxed morning and not having to get dressed twice.

Although with suits, some guys might need the dress rehearsal. And don’t forget to allow time to tie a tie, as this can sometimes take longer than the bride getting in to her dress!

Both photographers are then free to capture more details and memorable moments before the ceremony without rushing from one location to the next.

Ideas for the Groom in the morning:

  • More time with the family.
  • Different cultures like Greek, Italian & Chinese weddings have traditional ceremonies in the morning for the Bride and Groom in different locations.
  • Love your cars? Drive to different locations before the ceremony for some cool photos.

groom 2

  • Did somebody say coffee?? Cafe breakfast or brunch. Meet the guys before going home to get dressed. Make sure they eat and don’t pass out on your day! This has happened at one of my weddings.
  • Need a shot of courage or a drink for the nerves? Once you are dressed, go to your local pub. Have a game of pool or darts with a beer or scotch, not too much or your Celebrant or Priest might refuse to Marry you!!
  • Football, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Surf club, game of poker or chess?? Meet at the club for a scratch match in your suit.

groom 3

  • Barber shop, for a fresh shave & hair cut. There are some really cool hipster ones around these days. I recently went to one in Glenelg for my own haircut called “Boys Club Barbershop”. They will open early for 1 hour,  just for the groom & groomsmen. $35 per guy for a hair cut and great photo opportunities.

Anna & Lewis SIVA WM-51

  • Location of both Bride and Groom can also be a reason as the distance could decrease your time for more photos.

The options are endless and we are more than happy to discuss your ideas. Our 2nd photographers are all professional and not an “Assistant” or work experience photographers. This ensures that we can be separated and still have the same quality expected from a professional Wedding Photographer.

Packages with 2 TOG’s : GOLD and  DIAMOND

groom 4

Photos taken by Glenn, Iz, Mark, Laurance, Siva and Dan


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